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Can't live without music!

Rina began learning the piano since she was five years old and joined the children's choir in Hong Kong around the same time. As a child, she was even selected as one of the voices for a studio recording of a children's nursery song collection. 


Ever since the miracle in her family, Rina started writing songs when she was 14 years old. She has composed instrumental pieces and songs on the piano and guitar and has recently taken up drums and the ukulele.

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A is for Atoms

My name is Alexa Young

A collaborative partnership between Dr Rina and Einstein First brings you 'A is for Atoms'. This original song makes atomic and sub-atomic particles accessible through creativity. Performed and produced by scientist and artist Rina Fu, this comical music video comprise a simple ukulele tune accompanied by full caption and actions, allowing learners to join in for a fun sing-along.


A is For Atoms [LYRICS]:

Lyrics written by Dr Rina Fu & Prof. David Blair

Music composed by: Dr Rina Fu


[Verse 1]

A is for atoms Too small to see

Atoms are the building blocks of you and me

E is for ellee-words Two of them for me

Element, electron What can they be?


[Verse 2]

Element symbols names for the atoms

carbon, hydrogen letters for me

Electrons are weeny, Whizzing ‘round my atoms

Flowing electrons That’s electricity


[Verse 3]

M is for two words Friendly fun for me

Mo-le-cules, mo-men-tum Different as can be

Molecules are atoms joined to play together

I’m made of molecules Like the water inside me


[Verse 4]

Momentum is bouncing Jiggling and bumping

Anything in motion Momentum for me

Last we have the p-words Photons, I can see

Protons, inside atoms Phonons, warming me


[Verse 5]

A is for atoms E for element

Also for electron, I got these

M for momentum M for molecules

Photons, Protons, Phonons Everything and me

A is for Atoms-Title.PNG
A is for Atoms
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