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 Rina meets the Prime Minister  

I was invited to Senator Cash's office for an event on the International Day of Women & Girls in Science. We had a surprise visit by the Prime Minister who spotted my shiny metallic story book and so I presented it to him, signed for his daughters!

Top post - April 2019


April 2019

Keynote Speaker - It Takes a Spark! Clough EDU Conference  7 December 2021

The intent of the It Takes a Spark EDU Conference is to bring together Students (Year 4 to 10) and Teachers to connect with inspiring industry role models, share their current school based activities and projects using an authentic sharing and experiential model, create networks of teachers and student teams, and solve social justice design challenges.

Keynote speakers include scientist, singer-songwriter, author-illustrator Dr Rina Fu, and Dr Sabine Bellstedt from International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research UWA.

Conference Details:

It Takes a Spark EDU conference 2021.PNG

Stirling Times Newspaper  27 April 2021

"MicroToons was based on a short story of cells and nasty microbes written by the Stirling author-illustrator, who also published a children’s book, My Mad Scientist Mummy, in 2018 to engage young children with science.

The project will showcase the talents of emerging artist Dafa Khairunnisa and Red Bird Creative animator Sam Goldney, who have personal insights into autism."

Full Article:

Stirling Times Newspaper 2021-b.png

 Rina Features in National Science Week Brochure  April 2021

I am absolutely honoured to be featured in the Disability Inclusion Guide for #NationalScienceWeek2021! I gave an interview about my online workshops for last year’s National Science Week. Specifically, I discussed the steps I took to make these events more #accessible, e.g. having an #Auslan interpreter.

These are the types of things I’m currently thinking about with #MicroToons – my 2021 National Science Week project. Unlike last year, MicroToons will be a mixture of animated cartoon and live event, which poses unique challenges AND opportunities.

The full guide is available here, (I’m on page 5, ‘Interpreting Science for Everyone’!)


 One of Four WA Recipients of the National Science Grant   March 2021

Dr Rina Fu

People with autism can struggle to engage with science, technology, and art, but when they manage to it can empower them. MicroToons is an animated science cartoon designed to do just that. It is based on a short story of cells and nasty microbes, written by microbiologist and ‘My Mad Scientist Mummy’ children’s book author Rina Fu.

MicroToons is a joint effort between Dr Rina, disabilities service provider 4LifeSkills, and animation studio Red Bird Creative, harnessing their budding artist Dafa and budding animator Sam, who has autism. The animation will premiere at a launch event involving the 4LifeSkills network and the public, with science activity stations tailored to include people with disabilities.

See list of national awarded projects here

Banner MicroToons.jpg

 FameLab Semi-Finals and meeting former WA Chief Scientist April 2019

Shared my scientific research fighting malaria in 3 mins through a song at the FameLab Semi-Finals (science communication competition)

at the  West Australian Maritime Museum.

Former WA Chief Scientist Professor Lyn Beazley enjoys my debut children's picture book - #MyMadScientistMummy — with Professor Lyn Beazley, Chief Scientist of WA, Tribute and Thank You

FameLab Lyn-Rina2.jpg
FameLab-Final Group.jpg

Teaching & Learning Forum   1 Feb  2019

The 2019 theme, Vision & Voice is one that hopes both to capture and to inspire ideas about the future of learning and teaching in higher education. It seeks to tap into burgeoning ideas in the sector concerning what sort of future our graduates will face; how to equip and inspire university educators, and how better to involve (and hear) student voices in university planning and delivery.

In addition to hosting a book stand in the Drill Hall to share her debut work "My Mad Scientist Mummy", Dr Rina Wong (Rina Fu) will be presenting on Friday 3:15pm, sharing her tertiary teaching experience: "Bringing a Creative Voice in Science" and at 2:15pm with her colleagues on: "An Apple for the teachers”: Using an Apple i-phone to produce a professional development video by sessional staff for sessional staff that introduces the philosophy and strategies of coteaching"

TLF Rina sign.jpg
TLF talk Rina.jpg

University Teaching Award   24 Nov 2018

#RinaFu (academically known as #RinaWong) was presented with a Vice Chancellor's award for her teaching at Edith Cowan University on 16 November. "We didn't realise there would be such a crowd and fireworks!"

Words from the ECU Vice Chncellor: "These awards recognise and reward those staff who exemplify ECU’s core values of integrity, respect, rational inquiry and personal excellence, and who achieve outstanding outcomes in the categories of Research, Teaching and Learning,  This included a new award introduced for sessional staff in the Teaching and Learning category to recognise the diverse contributions made by sessional staff to the quality of student learning.

The selection committees have a challenging task to balance upholding our high standards of excellence with rewarding worthy staff."

ECU has been ranked in the world's top 150 universities under 50 years old in the 2018 Times Higher Education (THE) Young Universities Rankings. ECU also received the top student satisfaction score of all Australia's public universities.

Reserach matters Rina.jpg
Award winning mum haha.jpg
ECU VC Award winners group.jpg

Eastern Reporter   28 Aug 2018

Click on Newspaper to read full article on Page 7

Eastern Reporter28Aug2018-RinaFu.png

National Science Week   19 Aug 2018

Started work on Science Outreach in the last couple of months to engage young children in science. It's so much fun! 😁 Team building, mentoring, judging, experimenting, demonstrating, singing, reading, inspiring (hopefully!!).

My first involvement in National Science Week and Children's Book Week 2018 included a Science Theatre Extravaganza in front of a school assembly of 600+, multiple sessions of interactive story reading of my debut children's science picture storybook 'My Mad Scientist Mummy" and running age-appropriate science activities to engage young children and stimulate curiosity.

I'm grateful to Lake Joondalup Baptist College for their support and willingness to be my 'guinea-pigs' (heehee). I had a blast at Takari Primary and Freshwater Bay Primary and looking forward to visit Australian Islamic College next week.

My book and song were also shared with little ones at the Ballarat Art Gallery by colleagues from the Australian Society for Parasitology and Federation University. Woohoo!

17 (2).jpg

My Mad Scientist Mummy -

now in Bookstores!        26 July 2018

My First Bookstore/Window Displays: Dymocks Subiaco, Paper Bird Children's Books and Arts in Fremantle, Scitech Discover Shop, Curtin Co-Op.

First time Fun stuff: hang a sign off the ceiling and draw on a store window (without being told off)! Also a lot of lifting, climbing and specialised transport of the giant cardboard lab door during rainy winter. Luckily my neighbour came to the rescue with his truck. Now that the shipment is in, I have been busy signing and delivering my shiny storybook to Perth shops and readers - such a pleasure!

You can now find/order a copy of 'My Mad Scientist Mummy' at your local book store anywhere in Australia!🤩

On SEVEN News - My Mad Scientist Mummy - Book Launch @ Scitech     1 July 2018

The launch on Sunday night 24th June went really well. We had about over 200 guests at Scitech for the launch of "My Mad Scientist Mummy" (with over 100 children from 0 - 11+). Highlights include our especially designed activities by my science outreach team: "Feed Me Blood" (feeding malaria parasites using real lab equipment), "Achoo Boogies" (shooting snot out to learn about the velocity of a sneeze) "Little Scientist Corner" (precision skills of liquid transfer and play-based learning", "Fishy Parasites" (fishing out of a pond to catch worm infested fish like the recent discovery in Perth last month), just to name a few.


The Theatre Show was also well received with Seto the quokka lab assistant (puppet)'s quirky sense of humour together with the foaming, flaming experiments I did with audience participation, a sing-along and fireworks. I was most impressed during Q & A, I answered about a dozen questions from each session all (except one) came from young children asking questions ranging from how to treat malaria to asking how I became a scientist. Bonnie was there to provide AUSLAN interpretation during the science show and sing-along.

Seven News Exclusive.jpg

This morning I was invited for an interview 'Live-on-air' with Gareth Parker on 6PR. I was feeling a bit nervous as have never done 'live' broadcasts before. I think it went well, and it was over very quickly!

Let me know what you think! :)


6PR Radio        15 June 2018

Prep for Book Launch-1     8 June 2018

Hooray! Very close to selling out Tickets to the Book Launch for "My Mad Scientist Mummy at Scitech". Plenty of behind-the-scene activities with custom building a puppet stage, making cardboard signs, mutant cake toppers, venue visits, quokka tooth transplant..

Update 10 June: due to popular demand, we have increased the capacity for the launch, MORE tickets now available!

First time to have my little ones (2 and 4 year olds) attend my talk! Last time I spoke at the Rotary Club I was 20 kg heavier 😆. It's great to be back at Swan Districts Rotary Club as they have been a wonderful support in funding a piece of essential equipment for my malaria research (for radioactive measurement of parasites). It was also very special to have my mum's support on the day (mum of scientist-mum!), as she woke up at 5am to help me get bubs ready for the breakfast talk. A very special birthday for me 🎂indeed!


Swan Districts Rotary-RinaScientistmum
Previous talk at Rotary
Prego with 2nd bub
Baby is out and mummy is 20kg lighter
My 2 and 4 year olds listening in
Thanks Mum

Rotary                     17 May 2018

PlayDate@Tiny Tots 28 April 2018

PlayDate@Tiny Tots Toy Library (newspaper story April 2018). We ran our first 'play date' this morning to raise awareness of the toy library's existence. I couldn't help setting up a Little Scientist station! Some children stayed there for the entire time! We'll be adding a Little Scientist Kit (which I'm developing) and a microscope to our toy collection ⚗️😁. My recently acquired illustration software (for my storybook) came in handy for designing the Toy Library banner. I'm so touched by the supportive responses from; families in our community, Stirling Times journalist Breanna Inferrera and Councillor Karlo Perkov from the City of Stirling. Bunnings Balcatta and the Lions Club of Stirling have also generously offered to help with the much needed Toy Library refurbishment. On behalf of the Tiny Tots committee - a big thank you! VP and Scientist-mum, Rina.

Proofs                     21 April 2018

Yay! Received printer's proofs in the mail this week! 😁Have gone all out with the 'extras' on the cover design - a shiny metallic foil to represent a laboratory door, a die cut window (with a bit of the 'peekaboo' effect and embossing the title text. As a first time author/illustrator, I must admit I did make a 'boo boo'...😣 I didn't leave enough trimming room for one of the main scenes. Oops. As you can see from the photo, the picture would be cut where the reference lines intersect, so most of the lab tools (including a little hidden secret) would be trimmed out! I'm grateful to the production manager/senior designer @ Little Steps Publishing, who will do her best at this 'late stage' to save my picture! A good lesson learned!

Filming                     7 April 2018

A milestone! Here's my music video for "I'm a Little Scientist" complete with karaoke subtitles. You can add your own actions :)

Since children learn readily through song (e.g. toddlers often can sing before they can read) I have written this catchy theme song to accompany my storybook "My Mad Scientist Mummy."

We had lots of fun filming with little scientists as young as two years old with a lovely mix of ethnic and cultural background. It's true reflection of the kind of cultural diversity and teamwork we experience in the scientific research community.

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