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MicroToons is a series of short stories by medical scientist and lecturer, Dr Rina Fu about the adventures of cells and microbes in the human body. Produced as animated short films with Red Bird Creative, the inaugural MicroToons 'Pimple' was screened at 30+ international film festivals in 2022 receiving multi-international awards. The uniqueness of MicroToons is showcasing the talents of autistic artists from Western Australia whilst  providing edutainment. The MicroToons Launch Event serves as a life-skills development goal for clients from 4lifeksills. This Inspiring Australia project led by Dr Rina is a synergistic collaboration with Red Bird Creative and 4lifeskills that empowers people with disabilities whilst inspiring the love of science and the microscopic world.


ABC Radio - The Story Behind The Story of MicroToons

MicroToons Scab Launch Event

Come join us for the launch of MicroToons 'Scab' with popcorn, exclusive behind-the-scenes and interactive science fun inclusive for all ages and abilities.

MicroToons is an animated science cartoon on based on a short story written by Dr Rina Fu (Scientist-Author-Artist) and brought to life by artists with autism under the mentorship of Dr Rina and Red Bird Creative producer, Aaron Welch. Harnessing the special talents of our budding artist, Dafa, she will design original story characters (e.g. cells and nasty microbes) from pencil sketches to digital graphics. Sam, Joe, Tyla and Kai, have special interests in story-boarding and demonstrated skills in graphical animation. Applying their talents, they will bring these microscopic characters to life as moving cartoons.

The four minute long new animated story MicroToons 'Scab' will premiere in a launch event hosted by 4LifeSkills. A special showcase of the inaugural MicroToons 'Pimple' (that received eight international awards and screened at over 30 film festivals last year) will also be screened.

The night will be fun filled with Dr Rina and her scientist-team running hands-on activities for science, art and technology for all, including people with physical and intellectual disabilities. The MicroToons Launch will highlight behind-the-scenes adventure, where Dr Rina will share her insights on balancing scientific accuracy and creativity. Sam, Joe, Kai and Tyla will also share their skills and for others to try out using the technologies they employed to create MicroToons.

We hope to see you at the MicroToons launch event.

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We are absolutely thrilled & honoured with

MicroToons - Pimple

winning gold at The Telly Awards!      


"MicroToons-Pimple" received Gold at the 43rd Annual Telly Awards for the category of Craft-Use of 2D Animation.

This really is humbling for us as this global award honours video & television across all screens & receives more than 12,000 entries from all over the world. The winners are selected by the Judging Council, an industry body of over 200 leading experts including advertising agencies, production companies and major television networks, all reflective of the multiscreen industry.

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