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Edutainment Events

I brought my bubble machine and ukulele in to Lighthouse Littlies (pre-kindy), and sang with the little ones with an Auslan interpreter.  So lots of fun actions, full of energy!

School of Special Needs
School of Special Education Needs

It was a great opportunity to build up my local network though the CBSM.

Had lots of interests in my storybook

Combined Biological Sciences Meeting, Perth
Combined Biological Sciences Meeting
(University club)

Blue Mountains, Leura

I performed 2 pieces at the Gala dinner, :

Hail to Parasites

I'm a Little Scientists

Very well received by professional scientists and researchers.

(Will up load clips)

Australian Society for Parsitology Conference
Australian Society for Parasitology
(Gala Dinner
Blue Mountains)

Rina debuted her inaugural science song and rap in the 3 MT competition. She was a Top 10 finalist

      3 Minute Thesis
Three Minute Thesis
(Inaugural competition University of Western Australia)

This Music Video was Featured on ABC Catalyst Extras "Sell Your Science"

Fight Against Malaria
The Fight Against Malaria
(Music Video)

Starring little scientists from different cultural backgrounds

I'm a Little Scientist
(Music Video)

Science Outreach Events

- Perth Royal Show Sep 2017 - Twilight Community Fair March 2018 -
Royal Show 2017- family KazAst
Royal Show 2017- Murdoch Stand
Royal Show 2017- Narelle, Caroline
Royal Show 2017- 2 Girls
Royal Show 2017- Display

Perth Royal Show
It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with
families and teachers in early childhood

from Perth and regional areas in WA at the
Perth Royal Show. I am very encouraged by
the overall support and excitement towards
"My Mad Scientist Mummy", as there are
very few storybooks for young children that
talk about science, and 'have a woman
as the central character
'. At the Murdoch
booth, young children were particularly
drawn to the blueberry cupcakes and
'Seto' the plush toy quokka who is a lab
technician in the storybook. Over 170
with young children and educators
have expressed their interest in attending
the book launch next year, at which I hope
to include a sing-along and fun activities
to engage young children in science.


I am grateful to Murdoch
and the fantastic team for their
support, particularly Caroline Jacobson and
Narelle Dybing for their tremendous efforts
in putting together such an attractive

and interactive showcase in

bringing public awareness to

Twilight Community Fair

My first time setting up an outdoor stall! Was awesome, plenty of public engagement, little kids really enjoyed out "Little Scientist Corner". The strong wind tested the tensile strength of the banners and our team's reaction time/ engineering skills! I was on air!! (@98five sonshine fm radio-live broadcasting). Special thanks to the Australian Society for Parasitology (ASP) for sponsoring the event and the fantastic team of volunteers from JSRACS and ECU.

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