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Behind the Story

​The story of My Mad Scientist Mummy was conceived during a difficult period of Rina's life when she was battling post-natal depression. It was when her son (with special needs) and daughter were at the tender ages of three and one respectively that she started her journey as an author-illustrator. Back then neither of her kids had yet seen Rina working as a scientist despite it being such a core part of their mother's identity. How might she go about explaining to them her erstwhile job and ongoing passion?

With loving support from her husband and parents, she embarked upon taking rough sketches of biomedical gadgets and organisms to the next level and publish a storybook; an artifact that others could use and be inspired by. After reviewing her artwork, much to her surprise and joy, a publisher both accepted her manuscript endorsed letting her illustrate her own book.

As a first time storybook author Rina is proud yet humbled by the opportunity to share a glimpse of her scientific world with young children (both her own and those from all over the world) through this modest creative project.


Encouraged by Nobel Laureate Barry Marshall with the inaugural Barry Marshall Travel Award to present her research work in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Becoming a first time mum, with her delighted parents Yolanda and SK Wong.

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