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I'm a Little Scientist

Since children are so receptive to music (my 23 month and four year old bubs both sing Twinkle twinkle little star well before they can read), I have written this song to accompany my first storybook. I'm a Little Scientist comes with fun actions and a great vocabulary! It is engaging for young children and convey the iterative nature of experimental science. This song has been professionally recorded and is made freely available as a learning tool via the links below.

I am a Little Scientist has been 'stage-tested' (sample n > 800) on children (family, friends, school) and adults (professors, scientists, students, non-science background adults), aged a few months to 70 years old, and I'm pleased to say it has been well received with reports of the 'hum-along' syndrome afterwards.


P.S. Being well aware of the importance of Occupational Heath and Safety, "Kaboom, Explosion" is not a common occurrence and it is no laughing matter in the real world. These two words are used in the song to simply convey the "1 step forward 2 steps back " concept in science, and showing our little ones in simple language, the need for patience, determination and perseverance to work out a solution. 

Theme Song to My Mad Scientist Mummy


Musical score in C major

to I'm a Little Scientist

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Song lyrics

to I'm a Little Scientist

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Audio recording

of I'm a Little Scientist


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