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My Science Work

A child dies from malaria every 2 minutes.
It's terrible.
Through her scientific research, Dr Rina has been battling a deadly disease called malaria.


Malaria is caused by tiny microbes called "P. falciparum". In fact you can see these parasites munching on infected red blood cells using a microscope. A person can 'catch' malaria via a mozzie bite in over 87 countries.

Working with scientists from within Australia and around the world, Dr Rina has been searching for new medicine to fight malaria parasite 'drug resistance' and learning more about the genetics (DNA) of these horrible bugs. 

Her research has taken her to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and to state-of-the-art facilities in the United States. She has presented her scientific work at numerous local, national and international conferences  and has received multiple awards and scholarships for her research and presentations. Some of her work and publications are described on this page.

Media - Magazine & Newsletter

City of Belmont, Library & Museum

Read Out Loud Awards

2021, October 6


Australian Teacher Magazine (Education HQ) 2021, July

MicroToons Cartoon Introduces Kids to Blood Cells & Nasty Microbes 

Australian Teacher Magazine -MicroToons-square .png

Scitech Magazine - Particle,

2021, June 14

"Inclusive Production Is Making STEM Shine"  


Uniview 2018, Vol 41,

The University of Western Australia

ASM WA Newsletter 2018, August,

The Australian Society for Microbiology


ASP Newsletter 2018, Vol 29 Issue No.3,

The Australian Society for Parasitology

Uniview 2011, Vol 30 No.1,

The University of Western Australia


FHMRF Annual Report 2011-2012,

Fremantle Hospital Medical Research Foundation

LJBC Newsletter 2009,

Lake Joondalup Baptist College

Media - TV

"What can we do for this global issue?"

Media - Radio
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Media - Newspaper

"Science Cartoon MicroToons Awarded National Science Week Grant

"Getting kids into lab"

"Stirling Mum Stirling mum and scientist Rina Fu launches first children’s book, My Mad Scientist Mummy"

"Book gives kids peek into science research"

*news article plus Editor's picks

Canning Times

26 June 2018

"Mad About Science",

               *news article plus cover image

"Jewels in her resume"

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Publications - Scientific Research Articles
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