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Special Needs

Special Needs Tailored Workshop

Meet the Scientists - Sign Me Up!
Location: State Library of Western Australia
Key words: AUSLAN, Deaf & Hard of Hearing,
Environment & nature, Health & medical, Space & astronomy, Innovation & technology

National Science Week 2019 marked the inaugural "Meet the Scientists Sign Me Up" event for deaf and hard of hearing children. In collaboration with the West Australian Foundation for Deaf Children (WAFDC),  Scientist/Author/Illustrator Dr Rina Fu enlisted the help of world renown scientists including  A/Prof. Cathryn Trott (astrophysicist - International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research), Chaminda Ranasinghe (Molecular Scientist - Edith Cowan University), Cindy Palermo (Fish Parasitologist - Murdoch University) and Samuele Sala (Chemist - The University of Western Australia). 

‘Meet The Scientists – Sign Me up!’ was an Auslan Interpreted event for deaf and hard of hearing children aged 5 – 15 years and their siblings and peers to learn inspirational scientific concepts and about careers in science from five exciting scientists in different fields. The children had an exciting opportunity to talk directly with the scientists through Auslan Interpreters and ask any questions they may have about the scientific world. The event was hosted by The State Library of Western Australia.

A delicious healthy brunch was also provided!


Shhh...Over to Wagga Wagga Art Gallery, Scientist/Author Dr Rina Fu has developed a series of accessible science experiences designed for people on the autism spectrum. As part of the Riverina Science Festival, Dr Rina and her scientist team engaged with children with physical and mental disabilities in a fun and interactive 'Quiet Science' workshop for science with a difference! Students from Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT), Willans Hill School and the the community got hands on with sensory science, meeting Seto the quokka lab assistant and colourful experiments.  In the lead up, Dr Rina also prepared a social story for our special young scientists for a taste of the fun to come! Other tailored workshops were also held at the School of Special Educational Needs Sensory (SSENS).

Special Needs Workshops:

'Quiet Science'

'The Powder Mystery'

'Meet the Scientists - Sign Me Up'

<Tailored Workshops available>

Quiet Science
Location: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Key words: Autism spectrum, special needs, accessible science experience

Toddlers Workshop

Tiny Bugs & Us!
Location: Scarborough Library Hub
Key words: microscopic, recycle, bugs, little scientist, family, lab, research, toddlers, parents, community
Teddy Bear
Hand Mirror




With over 20 years experience in children ministry, teaching awards from two universities and as a mum to two young children, Scientist-mum/Author Dr Rina Fu will sing, play, dance and explore science together with your tiny scientists in a fun and engaging way whilst learning about science, bugs and diseases!

Children has a chance to interact with scientists, dress up as little scientists and get busy with play-based learning in style! Little Scientist Kits are available for purchase upon request - a great way to bring science home and foster curiosity. 

Dr Rina and her scientist team has been invited to early learning centres such as Bilingual by Five, Mosaic Early Learning South Perth and community events such as Tiny Tots Toy Library Play Date and Scarborough Library Hub and Wagga Wagga Art Gallery for the Riverina Science Festival.

Toddlers Workshops:

'Tiny Bugs & Us'

​'Science Bugs'

Coming soon... Mums & Bubs Science Workshop        (Express your Interest here)

Science Bugs
Location: Bilingual by Five, Mosaic Early Learning South Perth
Key words: play-based learning, kids science, experiment, toddlers, community, little scientist